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Second Times a Charm



I've done this blogging thing before. Actually, I suppose I should say, I've "attempted" this blogging thing before. That was a very short lived experience. I expected to be one of those bloggers with the really cool life and fun stories to follow, but I really set the tone of that blog with my first (and only) post, and it was a big, fat, FAIL. I was taking myself WAY too seriously.

To be fair, my life really isn't all that exciting and I'm not too adventurous.. so maybe I'm setting my expectations a little high here. But surely, SOMETHING I say will be worth reading? I feel like maybe the things I find mundane in my life will be of some sort of amusement to someone else. Or maybe not and this is just going to be pages of my blabbering on about irrelevant and insignificant details that not only make me roll my eyes, but they'll make you roll yours too! And maybe that's the point. I'm really not a writer and I'm not entirely sure what I'm even going to say here. I know what you're thinking because I'm thinking the same thing - why would I start a blog if I'm not a writer and have no idea what to talk about? The truth is, I don't know. I have no valid answer to that question. But maybe this will be...fun? 

While I'm not pouring out my entire life story right here, right now, I don't intend to hold back. I don't intend to hide the good parts or the bad parts. Because both the good parts and the bad parts are of equal significance in my life. Again, I'm not going into detail at this moment, so you'll have to stick around if you're waiting for the frosting on the cake! 

So.. um.. what else am I supposed to say in an introduction? I guess this is where I insert those aforementioned irrelevant and insignificant details. Well.. maybe not so much irrelevant if you want to know me, but maybe not the most exciting thing you'll ever hear from me. 

I could say something along the lines of 'I enjoy romance novels and long walks on the beach', but I think that's a little bit too cliché for my taste. I'm more of an 'ice cream and Netflix' type of girl. Yes, I said ice cream and I know you want some now and you're upset that I'm going to continue my ice cream discussion so I can talk about my favorite flavors. If your cravings are too intense right now, you may want to skip to the next section. As far as my favorite brand is concerned, I'm a fan of Ben & Jerry's. I mean, any ice cream lover knows that the more mix-ins there are, the better. And let's face it, Ben & Jerry's takes mix-ins to the next level! I will say that I have not been brave enough to venture off to ALL of the flavors (I mean, come on, PHISH FOOD? That can't be good), but I did try a new one two nights ago and it was DELISH. Yes, delish is a word in my dictionary and I use it often. It's fun - you should try it. Anyway, back to my story. The new one I tried was Chocolate Fudge Brownie and oh my chocolate, it was good! It MAY have surpassed The Tonight Dough on my list of favorites! If you're not one for chocolate though, I would recommend trying the Strawberry Cheesecake. It has graham cracker swirled in it for some extra texture and it's very pleasing to the taste buds. It's also at the top of the list. 

Okay, I'll get off the ice cream rave now. I just really like it, okay? Now, I know the next thing you're wondering is WHAT I watch on Netflix while I eat the ice cream. To be honest, it depends on my mood. Do I watch Derek and Meredith quarrel over who loves who more, or do I watch Mike and Eleven discover love while fighting the Demogorgons?  It's really a toss up. For the nights where I need background noise or a little laughter, I re-watch the good shows. Good shows being Friends or The Office. Yes, you can applaud me for having good taste. Oh, and don't think I forgot about Olivia Benson and her hot crime fighting skills. Yes, I have a HUGE girl crush on Olivia. She's the real deal. I also have Hulu so I can stay caught up on said shows and I have HBO. Funny story about HBO! I originally started paying for it so I could watch Game of Thrones. Have I sparked any interest yet? I made it through about 6 episodes but I never got into it because I do not understand the story line. What the heck is even happening? And what brother has THAT kind of relationship with his sister? It's weird. I don't even know the characters' names! It was way too confusing for me. I'll take the cliff notes version, please. But seriously, I applaud those of you that watch it because I can't even follow that.

Anyway, these are just a few ramblings from the inside of my brain that have no significance to life, but are fun to talk about. Next week's topic may be about who has the best fries (yes, it's a competition and no, all fries are NOT the same.) and what social media apps I use the most. Or quite possibly something different seeing as that doesn't sound very entertaining in the slightest. I realize I could've gone on and told you about my family, and pets, and hidden dreams that I want to achieve, but I like to leave a little mystery. Besides, if I told you everything now, I would have nothing to talk about in future posts and I'm sure instead of reading words, you would be reading 'blah, blah, bl...og' HENCE, the name here. These are just unedited ramblings of my life. Little bits of nonsense sprinkled with gossip and heartache because this is life. 

I hope you've somewhat enjoyed the vocal proceedings of yours truly. Thank you to everyone that has read this far! I'm really excited about this second chance I'm getting here. I look forward to writing again soon! 

Sending happy thoughts,



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