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I am tired

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I am tired
Tired of holding hurt
Tired of holding pain
Some days I think, that I am going insane.

I am tired
Tired of being scared
Tired of being brave
Some days I just want to break down and have that be ok.

I am tired
Tired of power and control
Tired of judgement to
People being ugly to one another
Verbally and unspeakable.
Hidden from view

I am just tired
I just want to rest
I want to live a life
A life at my best

So let me take a break
Let me just be
I just ask for one day
One day to be content and happy

For here I am now
Strong and pushing on
Some days harder then others
But I keep trying my best.
My best to carry on

Here my words
Hear them loud and clear

Life is hard
Life is not always fear
I try real hard to enjoy every day
But just for now
I am tired, tired today.

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