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cant sleep



i can never fall asleep anymore. And when i do I have nightmares... Idk what to do help!


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Oh dear! I have similar issues, when it gets dark all the bad memories flood me. I've found listening to calming melodies, music that reminds me of happy times, to help me get to sleep; something to divert my mind.

I hope you're able to find something to help you

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Memories seem to flood my mind at night.  I so understand what you are feeling.  I try very hard to focus on a happy moment or time.  The mind is a strange thing.  How it can hold on to something that we so deeply wish to forget.  I hope you can find some happy memories to think about.  Music is also a great idea.  Anything that would be soothing.  

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When I’m overwhelmed with negative thoughts at night, I use an App called Calm.  It has sleep stores for adults, and it’s so soothing that after the first few nights, I rarely hear the end of the stories anymore. And now that I’m familiar with the stories, I’ve started to dream about them.

If you can’t get the app, you could record your own stories to listen to. 

Another option is hypnosis. You can get a session online for sleeping, and they include suggestions for happy dreams. This trains the subconscious to focus on better memories when asleep. Just google for sleep hypnosis and nightmares.

i really hope you find something that helps.


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