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Am i deserve it?

After silence


It's june already.. my birthday just around the corner.. i don't know what to do.. how to deal with my trauma... i was raped a week after my birthday.. my trauma already come out and haunted my days.. i don't have anyone to talk to.. imsomnia .. depression.. 

I don't wanna talk to my family.. they don't even believe me.. how will i cope with this situations.... 😭😭😭

Lately i can't sleep.. i feel worthless.. useless.. i hate my self... i can't do this.. 

Anyways.. i don't have others choice .. i need to struggle.. no one will help me.. only me.. myself.. 

To everyone that on the same situation with me.. u guys can do it.. even no one trust us.. keep fighting . And never give up.. how hard it is...

P/s trying to help myself.. 💔💔




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I believe you.  It wasn’t your fault.  It’s typical for the closest people in our lives to live in denial.  It’s a taboo subject and they don’t want the r word associated to them. You are valuable and so, so worthy of the best life can bring.  AN idea for your birthday. maybe you can celebrate it another day.  Next month.  In the future you can maybe just tell ppl you are planning a trip and want to celebrate before, or after it.  What is important is for you to be able to vent.  Talk to someone or ppl.  Like here in this site and also therapy with the right therapist. It can take time to find the right one and they need to have experience with this type of trauma.  Believe me it does get better.  But only when you are ready.  Keep strong.  You will also be able to pass this birthday.  Every year it will get better.  There are ups and down and bumps in the road.  This site is here to be with you through it all.  They helped me during the hardest times of my life. I am talking from experience it is not bluff.  Also seeing other people’s lives improve and conquer.  Hold on tight for the tide will soon turn.


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