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cards from angels

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Well today is Mother's Day and i have been blessed with two little angel girls. although my eldest pasted away i am still now and always will be her mother. my youngest is growing up so fast. mothers day is a bitter sweet day as for one of my angels in heaven and one with me it makes it a sensitive day. my youngest is at that age where she has a million questions about her big sister because she never got to meet her in person. she wants to see the pictures of her big sister and makes comments like she looks like her. well the questions dont get easier that is for sure. so being mothers day my little one made me a card, well two cards. she said she was sorry it wasnt a true card and i told her the one she made is better than any you could buy from a store and that put a smile on her face, which made me feel so proud of her. so anyways, she handed me the first card and said that it was from her. now mind you she is 13 so not a young child. but it was still sweet. then she handed me the second card and it took my breath away and put me in tears. she signed it love your angels, then signed her sisters name and hers. i was so over whelmed with emotions and i broke down and cried. my daughter patted me on the back and said sorry. i looked at her and told her she did nothing wrong it was beautiful and wonderful and meant the world to me. for me this was a learning lesson. that although we may not all be together in our hearts we are. today was special and i will always remember the kind jesture my daughter did from her heart.

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