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@iamnotbubba wow so two weeks after irma I moved from orlando, Florida to a city on the borders of New Mexico and Mexico. It’s intersting to read the move the other way. I could t imagine going from dry to THAT humid. I also felt so free when I first moved out here. The desert is so VERY different from the colors and abundance of wildlife in Florida. I thought I was thriving, too. And then I wasn’t. I was at my lowest point ever I’m doing pretty okay now. I’m so glad you had that experience with the group and now your current mental state! That’s awesome! Congrats! I’m not there yet, I can say the R word I just need to talk about the emotions I felt with it now. Congrats again. Do you like exploring again? 

Mom so homesick for Florida, if you haven’t been to John pennecamp in islamorad a you should go! I loved snorkeling there. 

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Unfortunately, Florida did not work out and we moved back to Denver a few months ago. I loved going to the Keys, the park I took the kids to during the summer was Bill Braggs park. I felt easier about it because the swimming area was enclosed and I could focus on writing rather than my kids not drowning or getting swept out to sea. Now that we are back in old familiar territory, its been hard to want to leave the house. 

This weekend finally I got out and began exploring a park in the mountains, I took pictures and found a high place to sit breathe and meditate. It was so refreshing. I think that perhaps I need to rediscover Colorado like I discovered Florida.  I think that will be helpful for my  plummeting mood.  

PS, I have attached a pic that I took this weekend. I hope you like it.  



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Oh, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. The Southwest is gorgeous in its own ways! I’m also growing tired of where I am, I’ll be moving farther north, Albuquerque. I plan on going to school there when I turn 24, my friend from Florida is going to move here with me for a year, so hopefully having a buddy will help me make more friends and explore more places. 

I REALLY want to go up to Co and UT, the pictures are amazing! I’ve flown into Denver before, it was breathtaking. 

I hope the change will help you rediscover Co, too. 

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