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A Good Outing; Feeling Hopeful

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I saw my sexual assault counselor today and it went quite well. She bought me a coffee, we went for a drive, and I was able to be myself and let out my feelings. We had some laughs as well. She is very kind and supportive. Next appointment, we will get more into the reporting process. I am going to bring some notes with me so I have more of an idea of what to talk about. I feel quite hopeful about my journey with her, as well as with my trauma psychologist. These may be dark days, but I have the right support. I'm so glad that I can feel a little bit more hopeful than I have been the last while.

I'm still feeling a little bit anxious and down today, but I just have to remember that I see her again soon and I'm not alone. I hope our next appointment goes well too! I just have to think of what kind of thoughts and questions I want to bring up. My healing journey continues.

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16 hours ago, RisingLotus615 said:

That is great!  seems like you have good supports. 

@RisingLotus615 Luckily, I truly do! I see her again in a few moments, and I'm feeling positive again about it. I was feeling a bit down yesterday, but I feel like today is a new day.

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