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What is wrong with my country?

Kath W


So I was looking up things that you cause use for self defense in Canada hoping to find something that could help me calm down when walking. The thing is pretty much all forms of pepper spray or stun guns are illegal. I don't want to seriously hurt someone trying to get away......... knives are allowed to be carried but bear spray in urban areas isn't allowed and you can get picked up by the cops if you have a knife and they think you're suspicious........ what is wrong with this picture?

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I used to live in the Washington, DC area.  It is called "The Crime Capital of the USA" and for good reason - it is a very dangerous place once you get away from all of the monuments and landmarks.  I always carried pepper spray with me when I lived in Virginia.  But if I had it on me when I went into DC?  I could be arrested!  All forms of pepper spray and self-defense sprays are banned in Washington, DC.  I suppose that makes the criminals feel safe!

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