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 the other night me and my wife were talking about me getting therapy. And I asked her How are you gonna deal with me when I'm sane. Is she responded with" You're probably going to divorce me". 

No, that's not gonna happen. If leaving her and my kids is the only way the therapist thinks I can heal then I will stay crazy. That's not an option. 

She and the kids saved my life. There was literally no way the person that married her would of survived this long. Without her and my children to love me for me I would be dead, in jail or living in a ditch. and yes I told her that. 

My birth family would of just used me up and cast me aside.

Speaking of which, the nursing home , after 3 days of trying finally let me talk to my mother. Her behavior on the phone was odd. She seem agitated and distracted. Her speech patterns were unusual. I ask if she plugged her phone in as the phone guy was there the day before. My brother refuses to bring her her phone out of storage at his house. 

We got the report on the work order on the phone from the phone company, the nursing home refused him access to the telcom room. He going to try agian tomorrow .

I called APS yesterday about it. Still haven't gotten a return call. Elder abuse is just as epidemic of child abuse. Isolating The elder from Family Is considered elder Abuse.  They encourage people To report Elder and child Abuse. I have done so to the proper Authority .  It would be nice If I knew they were doing something about it.i will try agian tomorrow.

the phone we bought her should be there tomorrow  as well.

snice I blocked my brother on social media and his phone # I know he is angry at me. his has angry issues and is a drunk, that`s a dangerous combination. I know that used to be me.




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