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My Story



When I was 17 years old I was raped. The man was my boyfriend at the time, this is no excuse. Consent is still yours whether you're in a committed relationship or not no means no. In March of 2014 my best friend and I went on a double date for her birthday dinner. During the drive home everyone one was drinking in the car, I first dropped off her and her boy friend, then took my boy friend home and went inside. Once inside we started making out and becoming intimate. At the time I was a virgin, and he knew that. We had several conversations about if I was ready to have sex, or when I was going to be ready. Clothes came off and we were both naked in his bed, when the time for sex finally came, I said no. Honestly I wasn't ready, I wasn't ready to have sex and lose my virginity. I had said no before and he always respected my wishes and didn't press the issue. But that night things were different. He didn't say anything he just began to force himself on me. I kept saying no over and over again, and began to cry begging him to stop saying I didn't want it to happen and I wasn't ready. He took everything from me that night, my fight, my willpower, my self respect, my dignity, and my virginity.

I felt broken and alone, I felt as though no one would ever love me again because of what happened to me. I took all of those feelings and bottled them up for the past 5 years. In 2019 I decided it was time to get help and start dealing with my problems and started to grow my foundation of people I trusted enough with this knowledge. This blog will be my story and how I deal with my recovery. 


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I'm very sorry you were r*ped at 17 years old by your boyfriend at the time, @stens2014.   It is brave of you to tell your story in this blog.  I'm glad you are starting to deal with the trauma and begin your healing journey.  I wish you well in your efforts and look forward to reading more of your blog. 

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I am so prod of you for taking the steps to heal, I am trying to take them with you on this sight as well here and  just know that you are not alone. 

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Thank you for sharing your story. It takes a lot to say it, write it, even to click post/submit, etc. You are a very strong person. There's a phrase that Aly Raisman said that made me feel less alone for the first time and it goes: "we may suffer alone but we survive together"

You are not alone in this. Please know you can message me if you ever need to chat.

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I am so sorry that happened u. Sending all my best to u. And I will b here through ur journey and hopefully ur strength might help me help myself too

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