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still holding it together.



The nursing home finally got the idea that I am allowed to talk to my mother. Just took another phone from APS.

I told her I was looking into getting her a phone. Since my brother won't give hers back. She was all excited.

Just can't get the phone company to understand just a landline. No internet, no cable just a phone. Lol

We don't want her just sitting in her room. She needs to be socializing with other members of the facility.

Later on I got an abusive drunken text rant from him.  Attacking me and just about every other member of my extended family.

Had to block his # and FB account. I feel sorry for his wife and son. He has turned into our stepfather.

My wife appears to not be all that concerned about a fake APS complaint about us. But I'm still freaking out.

 Friday still a long way off.





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