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Got a call



I got a call from my mother. She called on my sister in laws phone. We talk for about 10 minutes. She seem clear and lucid for some one in their late 70s.

  they were giving her an almost lethal dose of diuretic which explains why she was having all the hallucinations and memory problems . I've asked her to give me written permission to be on the Hippa list to check on the medication and treatment they are giving her . She says she will do that .  .  also asked her to put me on the list of emergency contact numbers .

 the nursing home she is in has some of the poorest ratings of the state she is in . So yes I will be keeping an eye on them .

 I will be calling the manager on Monday about the landline , and if necessary I will buy and send her a cell phone.

  When my brother and I are having our little  argument about mom's current treatment he brought up he's been taking care of her for eight years where was I. well he could've contacted me at any time during that , I've been on Facebook since there was a Facebook . I feel he waited until my sister and himself stole all her money before he wanted me involved in it . 

 this all revolves around me trusting my brother , and I don't . I cut myself off from that family for 17 years because the situation amongst all of us was very toxic . And I simply didn't want my wife and children involved in that . 

 But now her mom's time is ending I want to be involved in her life , I will let her know , if I am ever allowed speak to her again,that  I forgiven her for all that happen when we were kids . And I really don't care if I speak to my brother and sister again.

 maybe on their or mine deathbed we can talk, but until then I just don't want to hear anything from them 




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