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APS called , they visited the nursing home and there doesn't appear to be any signs of abuse or neglect. They say that the overmedication problem has been solved and will not happen again . My brother is not my mother's guardian , and even if he was he is not legally allowed to keep me from talking to her .

  the nursing home said that they will be installing a landline into my mothers room so that she can call me or I can call her whenever we wish . I called to speak with her this afternoon , the receptionist was a little pissy with me but went to check to see if my mother was available to speak to me . She said my mother was playing bingo , I told her I was happy that my mother was socializing not to disturb her here's my number have her call me when she gets a chance.

 I'm going to wait till mid morning tomorrow to call back to speak with her again . If for some reason I am unable to speak to her , I will remind the nursing home that they are legally obligated to allow me to speak with her . Leave my number again and ask for them to make sure she calls me . 


 Monday I will call the facility try to speak to the manager to find out how long it will take to get the landline installed. If I get the vibe that they're stonewalling me by Monday I will send APS back over . 

 I've been told that one of my personality traits , when I think I'm in the right , as I am relentless . 

 APS told my mother that I'm the one that sent them  and they said she was very pleased that I was concerned enough to send them in.

 now we just wait to see what my brother does in retaliation.

 I doubt if we'll ever speak again , I don't consider that a great loss . 

 Sadly elder abuse is as epidemic as child abuse, and while she wasn't there for me to stop what happen to me if it all possible I'm going to be there to stop it from happening to her .


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