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Going to be a long day



I called the state ofice of APS just before close of business yesterday. They called the local office. They only got the receptionist but they were told someone would call me. About a half hour later some called. Was dismissive of my concerns but say they go to the nursing home when they  got a chance. About 10 minutes later the caseworker called. She seem to take my concerns more seriously and told me she would go by today.

It almost 11 there still haven't heard any thing. I giving them till 4 their time and calling them back. At this time I believe they going to do what they told me they would do but I have trust issue with social services. They were weaponized against us when my daughter was younger.

I doubt my brother going to take this laying down. I fully expect him to call APS on us and file a fake report alleging the worst things he can think of. It probably going to be bad.

My stress levels are though the roof. So it going to be a long day while I wait to hear something. 


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