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48 hours



I called in an Elder Abuse complaint to the county my brother and mother live in. 

I am concerned that based on some of the things she told me when I was allowed to talk to her and the fact that I am not allowed to call the nursing home now and my brother is controlling who she's allowed to speak to and when that she is being abused and neglected. 

State law requires them to respond to the complainant within 24 hours, it's been 48 still haven't heard from them.

 I called this morning to see what was going on and was told the person assigned to the case was in a meeting and she'll get to me when she gets to me.

 I can't help to feel that I'm being stonewalled. My brother's been in that Community for 30 some odd years probably knows everybody out there. Hell the people I called to complain about him probably went to high school with him. He told me that most of the people that work at the nursing home moms in went to high school with his wife.

 I may never be allowed to speak to her again, and as vindictive is my brother is she will probably died thinking I hate her.

 and no I don't trust these institutions.

 I was a kid the people and institutions that were supposed to protect me didn't. Everybody knew about the physical abuse, relatives teachers doctors. They all turned a blind eye to it because my stepfather was a nice guy that everybody liked. They don't want to cause trouble for him.  nobody spoke up because no one wanted to rock the boat. And my brother sister mother and myself paid the price for that.

If I don't hear from the county APS by the end of business today, I'm going to call at state level. And if I don't hear anything from them within one business day I'm going to call at the federal level. 

I firmly believe that once my brother here's about me making these complaints he will call APS in my state and file a complaint in retaliation. Since I've already started the ball rolling I have to take this as far as I can possibly take it.

 and if I need to get federal DOJ Attorneys involved then that's what I'm going to do. Wouldn't be the first time



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