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No win scenario

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 my wife and I talked about what I did earlier ,filing an elder abuse compliant against the nursing home .she says I based on the information I have I did the right thing. that any who loved their mother would do the same. I feel that by not allowing me access to her records and not allowing me to speak to her with out my brother listening make it appear they are hiding something. my brother went on a text rant about it. saying I upset the staff, trying to guilt me for not being there the past years. angry that I dared to question him. telling me to come get her he will pack her shit .calling me crazy . Basic emotional manipulation Tactics. he turned what  was a reseasonable request that well within my rights as her son in to a major control issue. he has to have all the control. I just wanted a better understanding of her medical condition.

my wife thinks that me talking to him about our childhood made him think of things he doesn't want too and that explains the rage.

 years ago my mother had a bunch of money set aside for retirement. My brother says my sister stole it. but I now wondering how much he got. he says she lost the house to the bank. did she? or did he put her in a home so he could sell it? his wife takes a lot of trips to Hawaii. would not be the first time a child did this to a parent.

APS there Thursday or Friday. that going to start a shitstrom.

Now wife saying we have to get ready for retaliation. That we could lose our daughter over this.  I just feel so hopelesss over this,  I feel I had no choice But the file the complaint But now I feel like I've just destroyed our whole lives. do the right thing lose everything.

 I really hate  no win scenarios. 


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