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My brother has returned my mother to the nursing home she been in the past couple of years. He taken away her phone and she only allow to call people on his phone while he is in the room. This makes me uncomfortable.  while I have issues with my mother I don't like the fact that he's isolating her from everyone. I also have trust issues with my brother, a few memories of come up that lead me to believe trusting my Big Brother's a bad idea.

  when I asked him about the time frame of when I got the TBI, he said for me to call her and ask because she remembers a lot about when we were growing up. But then when I asked him about sending me stuff so I could recover childhood memories a few days later I get a phone call from him she's hallucinating don't trust anything she says. Then he tried to put her in a mental institution. Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.

So later on today I'm going to call the facility and find out if I can get all 20th century on it and write her letters. We'll see how that falls out. 

 I also recovered a memory of me being on bread and water for a week. Apparently my stepfather, believed in the 1800 Royal Navy forms of discipline.

And as Winston Churchill said the Royal Navy was just rum sodomy and the Lash. Lol


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