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Doing something out of anger



I found my stepfather grave on find a grave.com. They ask what do you remember of the person.

I am fighting the urge to tell what I remember. Him physically and sexually abusing me from 3 to 11.

All that would do is start a shit storm. I can't prove it, all it would do is piss of any member of his family who see it and they would go  the attack to defend him. And attack me. It would just cause problems for my brother who is still close to his family. I am not,I want nothing to do with them.And my brother would probably side with them.

Never do anything irrevocable when angry.

And when I saw that option the anger just flared up. I suddenly  had a pounding headache  and my heart rate shot up.

Strangers on the site leave virtual flowers. Isn't that sweet. I remember laying naked across his lap being flogged with a leather belt and him fondling my ass after the beating.

I remember being throat punched because I said thing wrong thing.

I remember him drunk standing in front of me with his robe open and  his di*k in front of my face.

But flowers laid on his grave, that so nice.

Never do anything irrevocable when angry and  I am angry.



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