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Just wow



Of all the things I thought I would find out on my little journey of discovery finding out that it appears my mom cheated on my dad was not one of them . 

 I can't think of any other way to interpret the data , Marrying E two months after the divorce from my father leads me to believe that they had a relationship she while was married to my father. 

 All that pain and misery because she couldn't keep her knees together . 

 Her always judging my wife because my wife is openly sexual . Her judging us because we did open displays of affection , hugging, kissing , and holding hands . Having her watch the kids so that we could go out on romantic dates . It just disgusted her.

 My wife always referred to M as the Puritan . And to find out it appears that she was doing rushed coupling in a hospital broom closet with another man while she was married to someone else. Is just wow.

 I remember one time when we were very young, M sitting in  me and my brother's bedroom telling us how much more wonderful our real father was compared to E. 

That from the first house, the one where I remember dreams of a man coming into my room to hurt me. These may be not be dreams they could be memory fragments.

 The story she gave me for divorcing my real father was the her parents didn't like him made her divorce W. and marry E . 

 I'm calling bullshit on that one . I'm thinking my dad divorced her because he found out she was cheating and she married E because she was a single mother with three children . And I'm sure she thought he was just wonderful . Why do I feel that changed quickly?

 I guess I was three or four when he pushed her down the stairs and she put her head through that wall . That's probably when she realize she made a mistake . Too bad I had to pay for it .

 My dad when he got out of the Navy, moved to the southwest soon after the divorce . I'm probably gonna try to get the divorce decree between W and M just to see what  reason was given.








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