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TV and memories

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So my wife saved me a episode of Law & Order SUV. In it one of the older main characters had to come forward to confront a baseball coach that had molested him when he was child.

And halfway through the episode I remembered I played t-ball. It was when we lived at the first house. I'd completely forgotten about it. I don't remember if E was a coach or just one of the overly enthusiastic parents but he was involved in it. I remember one day at school going out to play t-ball and someone hollering my name and me turning around and taking a hard ball to the face. It was an accident from one of the other baseball diamonds. It's a good thing I wear a hard hat now I don't know how much more brain damage I can take LOL

Nothing dramatic but I consider any memory gained from my childhood as moving forward.

I found an online college that I want to take, it grants Masters in Divinity in Pagan studies. But due to my dyslexia from the TBI I don't feel that I am ready to sign up for the college yet. So I'm going to write to them tonight to ask them if they would recommend a online school to prepare me for their school. Maybe an affiliated school or one in their Network.

And the little voice in the back of my head is already telling me that they're not going to want some one like me to attend their school. That someone like me isn't it good enough for them. That's they will just know that there's something wrong with me and not want me near them.

Haven't even wrote to them yet and I already know that they're going to want nothing to do with me. And that's just ridiculous because even if they don't like me as a human being they will want my money.

So the little voice in the back of my head is just going to have to suck it the fuck up and get used to it. Because as much as possible I'm done talking to it.




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