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Letter to a "friend"



Dear “Friend”,

            I never thought you would be the recipient of one of these letters, but as I’ve dealt with all of this, my true feelings are becoming more evident. I blame you for this. I told you he was a bad person, I told you I didn’t want him in my life, in our lives. No one listened. You were all selfish, and after you were even more selfish than I thought possible. Instead of supporting me, you kept him in your life. You talked to him, let him think he had a chance to get in your pants. You took pictures with him and posted them on Snapchat, and when I blocked you, you told me I was being dramatic. You told me how he was messaging you to hookup. I hope to god you never experience this pain, but I blame you. You in no way supported me until it was too late. You are one of the most selfish individuals I’ve ever known. I will never forgive you. I can’t. Every time he came up in conversation, every time I saw his face, I was forced to relive the worst thing to ever happen to me. You didn’t care, you never did. I don’t know if I want to remain friends, because I’m not entirely sure I can ever fully forgive you. You played a part in this, and you refuse to acknowledge that. You still don’t care, you still put yourself first, and I do what I always do, I put all my friends first. Well I’m putting myself first, and you may be one of the first to go. So this may be a goodbye, at least until I figure out if it’s possible to forgive you.


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