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Just ridiculous

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As I mentioned I told my brother that I was trying to remember, and ever since then I've been sitting here worrying about how my family is going to punish me for this.

I was the nerd Avenger in school, punch a nerd I'd punch you. I once got in a fight with the entire defensive line of my high School football team because I got to a guy kicked off the team because he punched a nerd in class and I climbed all over him.

I was once in an armed standoff with law enforcement, over the harassment of us because of our mentally handicapped child. I only got away with that because we were pressing a tyranny under the color of law suit against the local police department. But that's a completely different story and it involved Federal DOJ civil rights lawyers.

When I was in the military once corrected a colonel on the military stance on homosexuals in the military. I was an E 3.This was before don't ask don't tell. The entire room went quiet and they proceeded on like I didn't say anything. It was so far out of their concept of reality they couldn't process it. LOL

And in the back of my head is that damaged little boy worried that I'll be punished for not doing what they want me to do. And it's just freaking ridiculous





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