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Cats and visible attitudes



There was no way to communicate to the 'two old fur dudes' that there would be a resident intruder.  I also didn't make any drastic environment changes other than getting the traditional apple head his own fuzzy house about a week beforehand.  

When I brought the little guy in after a long drive back, I was met with angry adult males.  They were full on butthurt betrayed for a period of about twenty-four hours.  Then, they quickly adapted to the fact this little ball of chaos wasn't leaving any time soon.

Realistically the older two are pacifists who really don't care to be snuggly with each other.  They have incredibly healthy bed boundaries and won't cross each others' invisible lines.  Only on rare occasions do they go on a brotherly fight... and if you've never seen Siamese play fight over personal space it is quite hilarious.  Most will slow motion shadow box never coming close to tagging the other feline.

But wouldn't it be nice if... we hissed?  There's really no need for any words.  A hiss describes an entire range of emotions.  I think for comedic effect, I'd like to see a business meeting without any passive aggressive behavior and just coffee and hissing.

OMG she sat in my regular meeting chair.  HISS.
OMG does he really have to clip his nails here?  HISS.
Project cancelled.  HISS and guttural meowing.

You get the picture.

But right now everyone is purring along in unity.  That's a good thing.

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Thanks for sharing! I do not have any pets but I love cats. Your post brought a welcomed smile to my face. :clap:

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