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Best Book I Bought -- Language of Emotions



"We are not allowed to be angry because it is perceived as a gender credibility issue and/or a hysterically manageable emotion that is to be stuffed."

I'm revisiting the method my Mother taught me when I was very young to turn something into a form of art.  It involved several components of cultural tradition, cleaning, music and release.  Right now just thinking about it, I'm smiling.  I was fully allowed to discuss this relatively feared emotion but I also had to qualify it for validity before doing anything.


Of what?  I have four other w's and one h that need to be filled in otherwise it isn't looking at all rational.
Then I need to breathe and listen to an entirely different version from another perspective.
She trained me early that I would not experience pleasantness in this process, but it was a trait or characteristic of fairness.

"You must be willing to contain your emotion response to objectively listen to something that is entirely different from your own."

And how do I miss hearing the voice of reason in front of me, guiding me --- like a female Spock.  This is a good checklist to have engrained.  She taught me that sometimes things are completely impassable and they will not have a resolution.  I had to be willing to accept the unknown and deal with uncertainty.  Our society's dominant psychology here has two sides --- win/lose or right/wrong.  That is only how a segment of the globe functions.

A book and its corresponding audio CD was sent to me a very long time ago in a book club mishap.  While not superstitious, I like mistakes when they're not a source of frustration.  This set was allowed to collect dust for nearly a decade.  In good timing, it was an invaluable resource --- specifically honoring everything from confusion of others, my own confusion, anger as a tool of beauty and predominately opposite thinking.  I've recommended it to professional writers.  It's that good.

To keep things in check, I know exactly why I had an angry flare this past couple of days.  I am only a smaller tiny part of a larger geographical symptom of decades involving a huge number of people in similar circumstances.  There will be no apology from the law enforcement embroiled in their own political ladder climb over the destruction of my rape kit.  It's not jealousy of retirement without disability.  I don't have a jealous streak of wishing I was somebody else --- ever.  It is the process requirements of being put through hell (which I believe is other people) to qualify somebody else's irrational expectation.  Why yes!  Thanks for the expensive PTSD and then about seventeen years of 'valhalla' where nobody would qualify it where I could use my own self with a functioning intellect to deal with the aftermath.  Thanks for infantilizing me. PTSD is not a death sentence and for everything I have been through, my terribly warped sense of humor I really like.  The LEO flippant FOIA request is just a tracking method to account for their time.  It's not exactly personal, but yet it is traumatically personal just the same.   It's irrational to expect men to be brave enough to admit error let alone do anything to rectify it.  How do I know this?  Well, look at all of the sunken war ships from Ancient Greece and Rome... still there a couple of thousands of years later.  This is my own peace of mind that the damage cannot be stopped from the past, but the kids of the future simply do not have to suffer.  I am never a coward and I can indeed impact small change.

So I pull out my guidebook and I listen to the language of my emotions and I realize that this anger isn't destructive and it's okay to take it out and play with it in expression.  It's not permanent.  I'm not going to scream at anybody, break anything or do anything damaging.  Instead of 'managing' as everybody would like things all neat and tidy -- I am just embracing the normal mess of it.  Now that I am done experimenting with it being let loose... I have a schedule to keep.

Thanks for reading.  Have a good weekend.


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