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Flawed Interrogation Tactics



"Rape is the only crime where the victim is interrogated as the subject of interest.  Little attention is placed on the perpetrator's behavior, if any."

Once attacked as a child, the math odds do not improve in the longterm favor of the victim.  This establishes a pattern that it's okay for silence and repeat abuse.  It doesn't matter who or what is responsible for the original criminal act, what's important is that the victim doesn't internalize the crime.  Why would I think this way?  Not only does a victim/survivor have to fight the original crime, but the aftermath of the mob.  They are mathematically -- atrocious odds.  Personally, I didn't come up with the example of math and casinos.  It was two males at Stanford who did.  That too, pissed me off.

It is an opinion that the Reid Technique from 1947 -- is part of this horrible gap in lost time, lost wages, broken families and other longterm consequences that are offloaded onto the victims.  Commercial entities also use these interview and interrogation method... but first, as a female, the religious nut jobs have to have their Spanish Inquisition jab.

"Is she diseased?"
"Is she of childbearing years?"
"Is she married?"

THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT OF THEIR BOOK, "Blame Victim (Company or Supervisor)" page 217
     "Use.  This rationalization can be used for theft or damage to property.  The victim can be blamed in almost any crime from a homicide, to a sex crime, to theft.  The guilt is transferred to the victim by the interrogator who portrays the suspect as a victim of circumstances.  The suspect became involved because the victim dressed or acted a certain way, flaunted their wealth, or made advances to the suspect."

STOP RIGHT THERE.  I want a complete list of every human who has attended this Reid course, used this method AGAINST rape survivors and bought this damned book.  While I won't burn it, I will stare holes into it.  AND I will stare holes into the website of the two men authors who are of 'lofty credentials' in this so-called fake justice nation.  I FLIPPED YOUR 1947 MONEY RETIREMENT STRATEGY SCRIPT YOU BASTARDS.

Legally, nobody is required to pass a religious test in this particular country.  Nor are they fully required to submit their body to examination without legal representation.

MIRANDA -- how odd is this warning label from a foreign rapist trial who got off on a technicality?  I have the right to scream decades later because yelling is not against the law.  I have the right to insult the academic masses who have financially benefitted off of 'rape research' but have yet figured out how to resolve the K-12 anatomical education in the classrooms.  I have the right to tell the male judge and male lawyer that they are assholes when they collude on the insensitivity bandwagon and I'm reduced to tears in a trial.  I have a right to interrogate the backgrounds of the medical practitioners who might believe my body is their evidence playground.  I have a right to make sure any documentation about me in a file contains no bias about what people think of me... but rather facts.

Most importantly, I have a right to laugh, to pursue my own path of healing and to investigate what is best for my life.  I am not to be categorically dumped into a group or groups for research purposes, nor am I to be used as a 'rape prevention' tool or mouthpiece.  I have a right to my personhood, my thoughts and my future.  I have a right to refute Stasi-like tactics from a University-backed funding pool that is propped up by extremist patriarchy political channels.  I have a right to my data accuracy and it not being propagated into a big data lake.  I have a right to my female brain which is absolutely no different than a male brain.  Mine happens to work logically and analytically and I can shut down the emotions just like a male with a light switch.  I have a right to work with my anger and find the beauty in it as opposed to the myths attached to female anger.  I have the right to my own emotions and I don't need your campy zen Corporate bunny fluff self-coddling because I came from that campy Corporate training environment and played the politics there.

Yes -- Yes, I am terribly pissed off that the former Presidential administration used the financial anti-terrorism "fine" to supposedly fund rape kits and forensics.  You filthy bastard of Ivy League might not realize some of us have been working on Iran things long before you entered the State of Illinois politics.  We had to sit in those long gas lines during the seventies while we were given that delightful shitty government education in the middle of nowhere.  Thanks for using our pool as human shields for your Middle East agenda.  (In the event you two nincompoops didn't realize that human shields are against the Geneva Convention.)  They ONLY went to where the huge foundation money goes -- Universities -- and didn't even dance in the K-12 ring.
Common sense says... if you're raped into PTSD as a kid into teens -- college isn't even in the forecast.  Thanks assholes.  That's the early childhood education your political strategy neglected.

In the event the original officers who destroyed a rape kit seven years after the first rape don't see the crime scene tape... they're not allowed to cross that line.

I am evidence.  I am not property.  You'll not stuff me in your evidence lab rat room for observation.

I am a survivor... and I also have a right to be mad as hell.


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