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I need help

After silence


Urm.. i don't what to say.. but i guess i need help.. 😒 i need someone...  listen to my story.. how hurts i am.. i just can't take it anymore.. i have no one to talk to.. about what happen to me.. 😒😒

Even my family don't believe me.. i don't know who else to believe... i never ask to be rape.. i never ask that... 😒 but no one listen to me... they put blame on me.. 

I hate myself.. i hate my life.. 😒 i live with trauma and depression.. and it's getting worse.. i do self harm... to getting rid of that feelings... 😒

I don't know what else to do.. i feel like wanna die.. wanna run away.. wanna dissapear... i can't take it anymore.. 😒😒

It hurts me... 😭😭😭 god.. i totally hate my life... this isn't fair... what should i do... why no one trust me???? 😒😒😭😭


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Your right

YOU didn't ask to be raped

YOU have done nothing wrong

And maybe most importantly of all I BELIEVE YOU. We all do.

I'm new here, still finding my feet. So I may not be able to offer as much help as others. But I'm here for you. We all are.

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