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I wish I could take away your pain



To my friends, who are coming to terms with traumatic events: 

life is cruel. It takes us and it beats us and it breaks us. We carry this pain with us because we are  too afraid to process reality. We cannot process reality. How do we deal with what has happened to us? Such different events have broken us in ways we cannot even begin to understand ourselves. And how can we even begin to express what we cannot put into words? 

But I understand. And you understand. We cannot fathom what the other has been through. But the process of recovery, this my friend, I can relate too. I am further along then you- I know the road and I will be here when you fall, if only you let me. Do not be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. I have no judgement. I cannot judge, for I have been there too. 

I have nothing but the deepest love for you. If I could take this burden away from you I would do it a thousand times over. I would do anything for you to be healthy and happy and free of this suffering. 

I cannot take away your pain, but let me help carry your load. 


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PROFOUNDLY POWERFUL!! Thank you for those words! That is exactly what I, and many other newbies, needed to hear! 

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