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Don't Care for Sex

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I doubt anyone will really read this but I decided to blog about it anyway. I have no interest in sex. I never have. To me sex is just gross and pointless and i really don't get people's obsession and preoccupations with it. I have sexual feelings sometimes but there very rare and if anything i just find them annoying not pleasurable or interesting. I know some people will probably jump to conclusions and assume it has to do with whatever happened to me as a child but I really don't think so. I feel like it's just the way I am. I could honestly go my whole life never having sex or being in a relationship with anyone and be perfectly content and happy. If anything I like the idea of being celibate. I feel like our modern day culture has an unhealthy obsession with sex and everything is ridiculously oversexualised. I don't think there's anything wrong with having sex but people are too preoccupied with it and most people i don't think are even practicing safe sex. I've heard studies that said most people don't even use condoms. That and having sex all the time puts you at a higher risk of getting an std versus just doing it in moderation.

I don't know i hope im not coming across as overly judgey I just don't get it at all. The only time I would ever want to have sex with someone or i would actually enjoy those feelings is when I'm in love. To me that's what sex is. It's not just some way to get off it's a way to bond with someone. I don't understand all these experts that act like human beings are just hardwired to have sex all the time or that we're all polyamorous i have literally no interest in any of that. I don't even understand the desire to be in a relationship with multiple people. I don't judge people for it but I get sick and tired of society acting like we're all supposed to be a certain way and if your not that way than your somehow wrong. I don't think human beings are instinctively anything we're all different. We all have different desires and different ways of being. There's no "right" sexuality.

And again I'm not totally asexual my priorities are just elsewhere. To me I find it much more valuable to bond with someone emotionally and to me sex is a vehicle to express that bond. I don't see the value in having sex with someone I don't even know the name of and will never see again. I would much rather be celibate than have a one night stand.

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Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

makes sense I've heard of people that have the same thing where sex isn't a great thing for them.

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