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breaking the silence



When I finally said the words "someones hurting me and I can't stop it" , that moment I thought I had broke my silence. For a good five minutes I thought I  was free, it was all over someone was going to save me. But no, that was not the case.Why you may ask, well the villain in my story was my father and all my life I was groomed to protect him. So I made the person I told promise not to tell. And they kept my promise because we were 14 and they were also hurt by a family member so they knew how it felt to confide in someone. I had yet to learn this but I needed to save myself. I needed to stop praying that someone would come and save me. That someone was going to just come deal with everything that was to come. So yes I broke my silence, but only with a whisper, now I needed to find my real voice.


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