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When ?



When will i feel safe in my shower, my bath ? When will sleep not be my number one enemy ? When will a trigger just be a part of a gun ? When will I not hate myself for letting others get hurt ? When will i start protecting myself and not them ? When will i feel like a full sexual wife that does not shy away from his touch, his need ? When will i not hate myself for believing he ever loved me, i was anything but a doll to him ? When will his voice fade, not haunt my nights, my thoughts, my ears as i brush my hair ? When will i feel like a capable mom, find my voice and believe i deserve to be heard by her ? When will i look in the mirror and see a 48 year old woman not his little girl ? and When will this get better, when will i feel peace safety confidence faith in myself ? When will i heal, be whole again ?, please tell me when ?



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I don't know when Teleah but I am here for you. Sitting next to you if it is okay.

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(((((((child))))))) just saw this thank you for reading and sitting next to me, love teleah

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The more you speak out

     the more you claim 

    The more he looses 

     What you will gain.  

(I felt impressed upon to share.)

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