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that night

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It's gotten to the point where I'm so tired of people saying it will be okay and stay strong. I do appreciate the kind words but words can't heal. I always say i wish there was a way to change the past that has completely changed my outlook on things. It has had such an impact on my daily life. I wish there were words that could be said that could make the uneasy feelings disappear. All of these emotions all for simple night that could've been avoided. I do not put blame on myself but I do wish I did things differently. I wish the flashbacks of the night would end bt they won't. The worst part is, he probably never even thinks about the night.

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I know I get tired of people telling me to stay strong, too. It's so exhausting trying to push through it. I'm sorry you're feeling this way, Butterflies.

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Possible trigger warning ⚠️ Omg I think about that too! How ever daim day of my life I remember him. Every time I try to get close to some one,, I remember him. Eveytime I wear a dress with out shorts underneath, I remember him. But does he remember anything he did? Does he stay up at night crying and feeling hopeless and regret and pain?...no, doughtful 

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