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A few months ago, I was awarded an alumni scholarship from my high school. Every year they post the winners with their picture and biography. 

In my biography, I wrote about what happened to me. I left in how I was assaulted when I was 11 and it's going to be posted on a public website where a lot of people I know are likely going to see it. 

Normally, the idea of this would bring me to pain and tears and I would be having an anxiety attack at the very idea of doing such a thing. But for the first time in my life I'm actually okay with something like this. I think that it's important for my story to be told. 

People need to know the good and the bad. I guess I have hopes someone will see that I'm actually doing okay and take some kind of inspiration from it. Or maybe I just hope that more people will understand me just a little bit more. Regardless, I'm happy I did it. 

I need people to understand that I'm so much more than just some other nerdy kid that won a scholarship through nothing more than hard work. There was a lot standing in my way. A lot that I had to overcome. 

Although I'm sure that I'm soon going to regret this decision. I'm sure this time tomorrow I'll be beating myself up for even thinking about it and wishing I could take it all back. 

But I guess there's no going back now. 


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Wow. This is what I needed to see. I think it's amazing that you've reached a point of comfort where you can announce publically what has happened and your true barriers that make you stronger and deserving of so much greatness (as well as I'm sure the amount of work that it took to get the scholarship, of course!)

This is something I've been thinking of doing a lot recently for myself and I hope you don't regret it. Because you should know that in doing so, you've helped bring at least one person a step closer to finding comfort in sharing their story. I'm proud of you. 

I can honestly say that I don't use these words lightly, but I am so inspired by you. Stay strong. 

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This is incredibly brave of you. I admire your strength and courage and hope that someday I can be as brave and inspirational as you are.

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