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got back in touch with a old friend who has helped me every night an staying on the phone with me till i fall asleep. But he says hes not only helping me im helping him.

Me helping you? a few years back we found out he was 7% percent deaf in his left ear and 30% percent in his right ear right now hes not completely deaf but hard of hearing. But i went with him to the doctors 3 days ago an they told him that he will eventually be deaf an he now needs to fluently learn ASL - sign language he just started crying an hes a tall dude hes 6''7 an im 5''2 i gave him a big hug an said your not letting me be alone in my fight i wont let you be alone in yours i will learn ASL with you fluently :) i been only learning for 2 days now but i picked

 how are you

wake up

please sign slowly

i know how to sign


i know




an eat an some more next im learning the alphabet

ASL is so cool an its also been a distraction for me  lately i just been focusing on asl instead of negativity thoughts

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That's amazing. :)  

I was born without hearing.  I didn't learn ASL until my college days...I wasn't allowed.  My parents taught me to speak and they really didn't want me focusing on sign language and relying on it, but I still learned as soon as I had the chance.  It really is a beautiful language and it's a lot of fun to learn.

Your friend is lucky to have you to learn the ropes with him. :) And I'm glad you both have something to distract a little from negativity and the not-so-nice things. 

Best of luck!


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thats is so cool that your learning to im so sorry that you werent able to learn till later was it tough to learn at a older age im 17

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