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Nightmare interpretation



So for the last two nights I have been having dreams about my oldest freind from childhood J*.  The first dream I didn't write down specifics but I remember some things and then last night again. IN the first dream She and I were upsate at my gradfathers where it all happened. And in the second dream it started there though it ended where I was at her house. When I was older I dated her brother and we had a dog that  I loved with every part of me. In both dreams J* was sick, not physically, and I was trying to help her get through the issue and then I saw the dog and she came to me. The dog made me feel safe, protected, and loved. 

the abuse I went through as a child, and the alters  that were made, I have very recently decided I wanted to work through. I think J* that I've known since I was in a crib is either representing my childood abuse or the alter the child. But the Dog and the feeling she brought up make me think its either my child alter, or my subconscious saying it's safe to be working on those issues now. Either someone is protecting me, or I'm just ready. Either way I see this as a very good sign that I'm heading the right way.


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