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My new baby boy



I delivered Forrest Vincent Luce on June 28 2018 at 8:47 pm. He was 7 lbs 3 oz and very healthy. He was a little early but I didn't mind; i was very ready! I didnt get pain meds, there wasnt time. I went from early labor waiting on contractions to Oh NO I have to push and the doctor isnt here yet! It was unbelievably horribly agonizingly painful. The pain snuck up on me and I was hyperventilating. I didnt go into a flashback thank the gods. I kept looking at Forrest for support and he was strong, a rock that I sorely needed. I pushed for an hour and he was finally out in a gush of fluids and an explosion of fiery pain. He was so beautiful and precious to me from the second he came out it felt like in the movies where they show that instant divine inspired mother's love for her newborn. I didnt feel that with my first, considering i fought through a flashback to push him out. I did grow to love him that way over those few days in the hospital. Little Forrest is smart, very alert and always scrutinizing, beautiful and healthy, strong; hes rolled over twice and lifts his head for an average of 10 seconds each time. I am so proud of him already! 

His daddy has been astronomically helpful sweet loving and responsible. Hes been posting pics of him on fb everyday since he was born.

   It seems something fundamental did change inside him when he saw his son being born. Hes been treating me right lately. His respect for me has risen. I am almost healed enough for him to go back to work. We have a dr. appt for little Forrest on Monday. Poor baby I think he has thrush so it has been difficult the last few days to nurse him. He is such a good baby though, he only cries when he is really hungry or frustrated. Let us hope that continues. 

I am even more convinced that he is my reason (along with Damien) for accomplishing all my goals like graduating with my doctorate paying off my debts getting a nice big place etc etc. I am hopeful and strengthened staring at him everyday in his innocent trusting sleep. I am determined to raise him as good as i can, that he will be a good person, successful and happy and strong. 

I cant write anymore right now because Im crying tears of joy.. I have a letter i wrote for him before he was born I will share when i get back on.. 

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Congratulations on your brand new bundle of joy!!!!  So happy for you and that he's arrived safely!  Enjoy every minute!!!

Best wishes,


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