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When life hands you lemons...



I feel like I am constantly being handed lemons lately. Every time I turn around there is one issue or another. Work sucked so I changed jobs but right now that os a huge question mark. From the training to the test to the calls. It was a financial hit too. Thought we could manage that but the universe seems to think differently. I tried to manage that with a vehicle that required less maintanence. 2 months in and I am looking at a 1600.00 repair bill.

It just feels like every thing I try to right goes way wrong. Right now, I am just fed up and tired. Whatever karma has planned is a slow painful revenge. I like my revenges quick. More time to recuperate.


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A Person, it does seem like certain things can come in bunches at times. This includes those negative ones. I am so sorry to see you are struggling right now. I'm one who tends to be intense in many ways. Which makes it a challenge for me not to feel and think extremes. I'm really trying not to let the highs get me too up. Nor be devastated by the lows. Which is of course so much easier said than done.

It is also hard to deal with things when wanting of feeling better now. While having all the answers like yesterday. Maybe also a part of being passionate. I am still trying to find healthy ways of dealing with this on my end. I have resorted to negative ones within the past. So hard to deal with things as they come being an intense soul. Not to mention the disconnect which may come in between wanting something in our mind and then actually experiencing something similar in actuality. Do you think any of this is perhaps part of these issues you are feeling and thinking may I ask?


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Ian37, thank you  and yes, I would agree. I am all for immediate solutions and answers. Especially if they dont cause other issues. I have found that for certain things, it is beneficial for me to be negative for a day or so. I stuff so many other thoughts and feelings that I have to let some of the 'smaller' ones out so I dont explode. I find that this is helpful for me to clear my head to try and find a solution.

I am working on being a bit more positive which is more work than I thought it would be but it is a work in progress. I am a work in progress. I am using tools to help me focus. Again, sometimes harder than I thought it would be but still a work in progress. When  I am not completely overwhelmed, they work and I can proceed forward.

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A Person, it truly is all about getting from one day to the next at times. What is best on one of them may not even be the same that next. Which makes it even more of a challenge trying to find any of that consistency. It can be such a fine line at times trying to balance in between pushing too hard and not doing enough. Not to mention in between moving too fast and staying still. Staying still can be more comfortable over a temporary period of time. It may help us not get even more overwhelmed. It just may not be a permanently positive and proactive solution is all. It sort of sucks not having any real basic blueprint.


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