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My Kitty Died



A couple of days ago I started caring for a little kitten that I found outside. He was the most adorable kitten ever.I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He was super fluffy and his eyes were two different colors one blue and one green and he would always cuddle with me while i sat on the sofa. This morning he became completely unresponsive and a couple of hour later he died. I'm thinking he probably caught some disease from being outside around a bunch of sick cats. It just breaks my heart because I'm so tired of watching animals die especially kittens. Ever since I was a kid I've always been around stray cats and I've had to watch them suffer with horrible diseases and wounds. And it makes me sick cuz there's nothing i can do. I don't have the money to take them to  the vet and the pound won't do crap. If you feed them than its your responsibility is their motto so what am i supposed to do let them starve? I just wish there was some free animal care place that would volunteer to treat stray cats and dogs around here. Like get them fixed and neutered and give them shots. Im tired of watching these cats suffer. All the cats around where I live are sickly. One can hardly eat and i have to feed him eggs and canned food every day cuz his teeth are so bad and another gets pregnant constantly and all her babies end up dead. My neighbor and I wake up to dead kittens in our yards. I just wish there was something I could do.


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Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

im so sorry your kitty died :( .

i know it must hurt a lot ....

its important to remember, time is the most important thing, remembering all the joy.

the sad truth is that nothing on earth lasts forever not even the humans.

sitting with you offering gentle safe hugs :hug: if ok?

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2 minutes ago, CrimsonRegrets said:

@Free2Fly Thanks. I know that at least before he died he got to know what it was like to be loved and be an indoor cat. I just hate seeing animals suffer.

Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

i know :( , just think he's gone to a bet place and isn't suffering no more.

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On 24/6/2018 at 4:30 PM, CrimsonRegrets said:

I know that at least before he died he got to know what it was like to be loved and be an indoor cat. I just hate seeing animals suffer.

That's one of the things that helps me the most when a pet dies: I know they don't have bills to pay, family relying on them, plans for their life... The live day by day, and I know that if I can give them days full of love and enjoyable moments together, they could die at any time, and they would die happy and would have lived their life at the best. And I end up thinking that my pets probably lived a better life than mine, while they were alive, so that already feels like an accomplishment and makes me think that I did so much for them instead and probably I'm suffering more for their death than they ever suffered on their entire life.

That may be different for stray animals you can't take proper care of, or animals with a gruesome past that never fully recovered from the abuse. I was around a lot of sick animals, especially kittens, while growing up too. The thing that made me most angry was that we HAD the damn money, but my parents never wanted to share a shred of food with those animals, let alone bringing them to the vet. I would feed them a little while they didn't watch, but I couldn't do anything more. I understand feeling powerless.
I remember the day we found a young howl under a tree. It was almost ready to fly, colored in white and gray. I had never seen a similar animal before, it was beautiful and so cute, I was just amazed. We waited to see if its parents came to rescue him, but the following day he was still there. My father took it an put it into a cage so that wild animals wouldn't eat him. Then, none of my parents wanted to let us feed him. He was inside a freakin' cage, with no food and water. Me and my brother watched him slowly dying of starvation. It was heartbreaking. I hated my parents so much.

Yeah, we can't save everyone, it's not always our responsibility, but you're all trying to survive out there, and I think you're a really amazing person for sharing what you have with the animals around your house even if you don't have that much for yourself :hug: :hug: if ok


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