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Leia Skywalker


Today I got to listen to two men debate about what they think should happen with guns even relating to domestic violence, abuse, and rape. One of them began stating that they only way women can protect themselves is with a gun. It did not occur to them that someone would use it against a woman or may not even be the security blanket they think it is. Personally I don't want a gun, I don't want to give him the chance to use it against me. It wouldn't make me safer but more afraid. The problem is that we allow for abusers to get away with it, I shouldn't have to arm myself to stay safe I should be able to tell someone and be safe. I should be able to tell the problems of my relationship without fear. 

Maybe one day women and men won't have to fear their abusers, but it doesn't start with arming them but clearing the air around the sitaution. This situation won't end with a few guns, or cases that it tends to work but until we feel safe. All of us

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