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Just Love Me!!!!!

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We have been together for 7 months... and yet, he can't say the "L" word. 
I slipped during a Christmas party in a drunken stupor... and he told me it was too soon. 
I said it, again, to him around January. 
Again, he said it was too soon. He told me, "I can't say it until I actually feel it. I can't even comprehend such a word, there's no way I can just throw it out so easily." 
I brought it up to him last month, how he hasn't said it, and he accused me of trying to pressure him into saying it. 

His actions say it, and I know the ol' saying "actions speak louder than words"... but I want to hear it. 
I want to be told that I mean something. That I'm important. That I matter. 
The silence is deadly. 

I feel like I'm hurting every day. 

I'm telling him today that I need space... 

I really don't want to break up with him, I want to make it work, but I'm feeling so worthless and down on myself, that I just can't seem to function. 

Give me strength to not hurt anymore...

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