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Dear Rapist



Dear rapist. I hate what you did. I hate that I didn't see it.coming.. I hate that it was obvious you were nervous and I was probably your first. I hate how ur nasty unknown body was on me and that you couldn't even look me in the eye. Or my face for that matter. I hate how fucking scared I was of that probably stolen gun to later realise that there most likely wasn't even a fucking clip in it let alone bullets. I could have walked away instead of trying to make sure u didn't kill me. I hope ur mom finds out so u can see her cry about.her freak for a son like I had to see my mom cry for what was done to me. I hope ur raped in prison and in hell. I hope u have to live the rest of ur life in terror and feel like I did that night. I hope u die a slow miserable death and that all the wrongs uve done in ur life haunts u.I hope u will be re incarnated into a fucking cockroach. No. I hope u come back as a door knob and have to be touched by hundreds of strangers with dirty hands. That ull have.to watch people touch u that u don't want to touch u.

Have a miserable disgusting life you little p*ssy bit*h.


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