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The rain.



To whom it may concern,

Have you ever stood outside in the rain, looked up and just felt the rain fall on your face, felt the drops roll down your skin? I'm sure a lot of you have cried, of course everyone has at one point or another, but I mean really cried. The kind of crying where you can feel your entire soul reaching out. The kind of crying where you feel knots in your stomach and a relief when it's over. Like it has given you a chance to start over. Not like it really is a clean slate but more like...those tears have been pilling up for so long and are so happy to be released. 

I feel that sometimes when I am standing in the rain. A sense of relief. A sense of brief calm. It's raining outside right now. I wanna just stand out there bare and close my eyes with my head up to the sky, taking in every drop that hits my body. I know this all sounds weird but somehow, it makes me feel like I will be okay. Like it's the worlds tears falling on me. Like I am not the only one who needs that kind of release. 

Do you love the rain? Does it make you hurt? Remind you of something you'd rather forget? I'd like to know what you think of it. How it makes you feel. I really would. Weather you want to comment or pm me...that's up to you. I like having people tell me how they see the world. It intrigues me.

I see the world a certain way, a way I struggle to explain to others. So learning more about others helps me explain it.

My favorite part of rain is the smell. The smell of rain is so salty and fresh. I know their are so many chemicals and such in the water these days it's not like those rain drops truly are purity but somehow it smells that way. It feels that way. It looks that way. 

I feel like a cloud in a sense. I collect emotion and anger and sadness over the course of days, sometimes months, sometimes years but there comes a day where I need to release all of those feelings and they come out as water from my eyes. Sometimes it's just a light drizzle. A little water for the flowers. Something everyone needs. The other times it goes on for days. Like I haven't let go in so long and it just won't stop and suddenly....I've flooded the world with too much of a good thing. Sometimes it's a storm. A furious storm that doesn't just rain...it destroys everything in it's path with no regard for others. 

Depends on how long I've been holding it in for. 

Sincerely yours,




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