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Its kind of depressing to think that I'll never get over it. That I have to learn to live with it. That no matter what I won't ever be able to forget. Why do things like this happen? Why are people so sick and selfish? I use to think so highly of the world and people in it! I use to pity people. Now when a stranger walks by I get my keys out and brace myself for the potential harm they're gonna do to me and the fight I'm gonna put up this time. That's not who I am or how I think. I'm the type to smile at strangers and wish them a great day. But for what? Politeness got me raped. Politeness got a gun pulled on me. Politeness could have got me and my cousin killed. Why be nice anymore? Why give a fuck.


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Be nice, and continue giving a fuck because it's who YOU ARE still, in spite of ALL that happened to you. Politeness did not get you rapped, inhumanity did, along with the world being full of "beings" who don't value their own life, and set out to devalue and destroy everyone else's. Nothing you do could ever warrant you such disgusting, heinous acts of violence. I feel blessed knowing people like yourself still exist, regardless of the evil in the world that constantly persist. You have survived and you will once again thrive, and while the pain may never cease it will become easier to deal with. Your also right in the fact that you will never forget this,....but you will reach a point where you remember less of the control they had in that moment and more of the resolve, control, and strength you possessed while enduring such.

I hope I didn't offend you and truly wish the best for you.

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No you didn't offend me at all! I'm very happy you posted!

Your right. If I change who I am I'm letting him take me from myself... everything you said was very truthful. Thank you (:

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