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it seems im using this blog as more of a diary.. im not really sure what your suppose to use a blog for but i guess public diary works.

After i was raped the security gaurd at the Holiday Inn had told me he had seen my rapist walking around for hours before all over the place. His negligence infuriates me. You dont think to say something like "sure are you having trouble finding your room?" "do you need help?" that would be the ideal thing to do wouldnt it? especially since that was his job! Get rid of people walking the halls for no obvious reason... Guess not.

where i was raped was about five feet away from the enterence door in the parking lot. There were lights all around. I wasnt wondering around all alone, i was sitting on the sidewalk in a lit up area with someone!.no one saw and i didnt yell for help because there was a gun aimed at me and a man threatening to kill me ever two seconds. I dont understand why no one saw. i wish someone did...

After detectives got on the case they were going to look at the cameras. "They have shit for cameras" they told me. There was NOTHING on the cameras, not even him walking around on the inside like the security gaurd had said he saw.

I want to sue. not for money, but to make them better their security system because obviously whatever theyre doing isnt working.

Is that enough evidence to prove negligence? im not sure. I just want everyone who had the ability to stop this from happening or at least help catch him to pay. because they failed. Am i wrong for wanting revenge on the holiday inn for essentially screwing me over? Am i wrong for being angry at every one?

I know my rapist wont be caught, i wish i could see the life leave his eyes when hes sentenced to prison. but i wont get that, im not even sure if its healthy...but since i cant get that shouldnt someone else who did me wrong have to pay? Shouldnt they be forced to fix their flaws? Or maybe im just looking for someone to blame...


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