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I'm too trusting. I started seeing this really cute guy and this morning I went over to watch movies. At first that's all it was. We cuddled and watched a scary movie but then he started kissing me. A little too rough but every time I told him to slow down and be gentle he ignored me. I let him keep kissing me but then he took my clothes off with out my permission. Only my shirt and bra because I hit him when he kept trying to take my pants off. Unfortunately he had picked me up so when I asked to go home he said no. For two hours that was how it was id let him do whatever but when I didn't want to I said no let me get dressed, take me him. Every time he said no and kept going until he was tired of keeping me held down. My friends told me to be careful around him and I ignored them and got hurt.

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Its hard to trust anybody especially after abuse has occured. I know for me it was a big step that I'm still not fully comfortable with. As for that guy just stay away from him.

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