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#4 Ending/Blocking Relationships



People always hurt me. I always have felt everyone is against me. I mean if they hurt me I can't think of them as friends. And so I blocked them out. Truthfully it's very hard to be getting attacked every second.

I realized that sometimes the person who hurt me isn't malicious.

They might not despise me and hate me. they didn't hurt me because they don't respect me, just that they are regular thoughtless hurtful people. When they hurt me should I end any relationship?

                                   Maybe I could work through it with them. Tell them how they hurt me. I know how tough it is, especially when the other person doesn't know I was abused. And I can't tell them because I don't trust them to be sensitive. 

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Just now, Ian37 said:

I am just saying that we do have the control to let those in who actually deserve to be there while simply weeding out all others.  

Yes I agree with you, and you elucidate the tool. :) great!

unfortunately my life was set in a religious community which basically teaches that everything that happens to you is for the best so you just have to accept it.

Instead of supporting me and helping me gain tools to change that. I am reprimanded when I bemoan how I am always attacked.

I had to and continue to learn that I am in control of making my life better, words that are treated by that community as heresy.


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