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Why Am I not worth fighting for ?

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Having a rough night tonight, I am trying to fight the negative voices but all I can hear, is my mom telling me I am not worth love and no one would ever love me as much as her. My heart is breaking because it hits me how no one has ever fought for me, my dad gave me away to grandpa and his friends, my stepdad did not fight for our friendship to continue or for me to be a part of his life, my mom did not fight for me, she just let dad have me for two weeks every summer even though i would come home in deep depression, my husband did not fight for me when i attempted, he did not call my therapist because he could not afford an appointment, then he left and only been back when he had to be, he still will not fight for me when i am in crisis, he will not call t or even email her, All of this is evidence for me to prove mom was right, not worthy of being loved or being happy and that having me was her biggest mistake. I have fought all my life to be worthy of love, to be worthy of being saved and all that effort had been for nothing, teleah

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Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

your a lovely person & sounds to me you just have ran into all the people who didn't care.

hope your doing ok & the answer is YES!

you are worth fighting for.


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well, these people are (sorry for my bluntness) absolute fucking DIPSHITS. your light is so bright their mushmilk teeth and weak spindly assed selves are blinded. 

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