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Having a break down



O feel so tired and so overwhelmed like I don’t know what to do anymore I know I’ve said it before but this feeling keeps getting stronger and stronger and every day gets harder and harder my mom keeps calling and messaging me and she keeps saying sorry. To be honest FUCK her appoligy I don’t want her to appoligize!! I’m so tired of everyone saying how all these people need me! FUCK MAN WHAT ABOUT ME!! What about what I need. To be honest I don’t even know what I need. I feel like I’m falling off a very y’all Clift but falling so slowly so I can feel all these stupid emotions and it sucks really bad. I’m tired of fighting I’m tired of always being the strong person I’m tired of having to take care of everyone else cause at the end of the day who is gonna take care of me?? NOBODY!!! I’ll still be in the same boat but just forced to take every minute of my life. I know I’m in a really rough patch right now and what I want to happen isn’t going to happen its just a figment of my imagination. It’s just gonna cause more problems then what I have already created. I hate so many people. I hate myself for feeling so afraid all the time!! It’s FUCKING ANNOYING!!!!! 


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I'm sorry that things feel so overwhelming right now and everyone is putting so much pressure on you. It sounds like you need more supportive and genuinely caring people in your life. I know how lonely, scary, and painful it can be to go without, and I hope you find some soon. I'm here if you want to talk about it.

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Thank you I really just need people to leave me alone and stop pretending like they care when they really don’t or even getting mad when I don’t want to talk

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