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No Hope...



Before this happened, i never really thought of myself as a feminist. My mom has always been a big one. I never saw the big deal though. Its not like we arent aloud to work, and i thought there was always justice for when bad things happen to us. I never really experienced the sexism for myself so i didnt understand the whole feminist movement. But then again, i hadnt lived enough life to really notice the differences in treatment i guess. After all i am only 19. But after being raped, after doing everything i thought i was suppose to to get justice for myself and seeing that theres no fund or resources to help gain me justice i now get it. I now have a whole new set of eyes that enable me to see just how insignificant the world still sees us, how my nation sees me. We arent always seen as equals and it seems as though justice is almost never handed to us. its the 21st century though, it shouldnt be this way. I think us woman need to gain more control. I think all parents need to stop teaching out childeren gender rolls. I think we need to fight for what is right, fight for our own justice, defend eachother because it has become all to clear just where we fucking stand. If we dont fight for our own freedoms and justices who will? Us women need to stop buying into the sl*t shaming because it only makes it look okay for a man to do it also. This nation needs a restart and WE are that restart. NO ONE but us can change this.

Its only been a short time since ive seen the world through new filters, but im already sick of it. Im so tired of seeing my fellow women stomped on by men, by the government and by eachother! I wish i was able to say "one day it will be different" but it wont unless we help start make new changes in our society.

*******WOMAN POWER*********


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