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They want me fired



I found out from someone that some people want me fired. I wouldnt be so bothered except the reason is because they say I have bad hygiene. I have already spoken with my boss about my performance and that I felt that my team had an aversion to me. I thought they felt like I was a poor leader. the truth is they dont want me around because I smell. I am not upset that they feel this way. They are right. I am more upset about the way it is being handled. I have emailed my boss and asked her to re-distribute some of my direct contact with people including interviews. I also let her know the reason why. She hasnt seen the email so no idea what her thoughts are and at this point I dont even really want to know.

I will not lie that I have an issue regarding hygiene and it has been a struggle since I was a small child. It has not been an issue regarding work. While there may be people who feel a certain way, they have never gone to this this level. If anyone else felt this way, they have been able to talk to me. Even when they have an issue with someone else at my current job, they have been able to go to our manager to have the conversation with the employee. 

I just dont feel like dealing with any of them right now. Had they mentioned it even to my boss, I would have given her a brief explanation of the issue. Now, I am not even sure if she knows about it and is in on the whole thing. I dont trust any of them. For someone who already has trust issues, it just reinforces my current thought about people in general. I have made attempts to open up but this just makes me want to retreat back into my own world. Then they will say that I am not engaging with them. Funny thing is they should be happy with that but they wont.

I dont know what to do at this point. Knowing all of this, I still have great anxiety of doing anything to resolve the issue right now. All that I can do is cry. In the end, I am hurt. There are people who are saying one thing to my face and conspiring behind my back. I had already decided that I was going to leave my job before. This just reiterates that I  should move on and start over. I should not open myself up to people because they do not realy care about you. They dont really repsect you no matter how much they say otherwise. I just feel like telling them I quit but that isnt what I was taught. I am more professional than that and I have always said, dont quit a job without having another unless you have come into a huge sum of money. I have neither. 

It is going to be so difficult going into work now. It will be uncomfortable for me and they will notice. They will ask why and I will pretend as if it is their imaginations. What else do I do? Share information with people I dont trust so they have more ammunition? Back into the hole I go. There it is safe and familiar. No one but me to deal with.



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