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I got moxy



So I thought things with my family were getting better. Then suddenly I realized it would never change. It never had. I was always the black sheep. I've been called a liar, a cheat, a thief, a fat w**re. All of the above. Yesterday I was playing catch with my siblings, whom I don't speak to often, the ball was light up blue and red so I said it looks like cop lights...they said it was something I must be familiar with. Implied I was some kind of criminal. My mother found out I was being pegged as a prostitute in high school so she told me if i stopped wearing those shorts I might not be seen as such a w**re. I told her I was comfortable with my body and had even been hit on like twice in one day...my mother told me it was because they saw me as easy because of my weight. 

Well I'm not fat. I'm 160 pounds of pure gorgeous. I'm not a w**re. I'm a girl who has DD boobs that can't be hid behind any shirt and a pretty face that some people notice. I'm not a felon. I like tattoos and heavy metal music and I shaved half my head. But you wanna know why I don't believe those statements about me anymore? Because I had to hear it from about 100 people, more then a hundred times and to be frank, I still believe my mother. But I also know that a shit ton of people don't. Those people have only lifted me up while my mother has only put me down. 

I don't care what she says. I care that their are people who love me. For my smile, my laugh, my jokes, my stories, my shyness, my intelligence, my moxy. And that's enough for me.Snapchat-878631475.jpg


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